Reginald O' Neal Deck

Reginald O' Neal Deck

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100% Canadian Maple

Made in the USA

Size: 8.5"

**Proceeds from every purchase will go to build skateboards for the youth of Miami's Overtown neighborhood. These boards will be distributed for the holidays by the artist.**

Message from the Artist 

“For me, working with Andrew is reassurance for my younger self that picking up a different, and not so celebrated hobby, was worth it. Skating at that time allowed me the freedom and opportunity to explore. In a place like Overtown, we are exposed to limited resources and examples of different career paths. It’s why we gravitate to what we know best. But I highly believe if being exposed at any and everything people from similar or different backgrounds can find something tailor-made for them. For me that thing was art. With a portion of the proceeds from this project the Andrew team and I will donate skateboards to kids in the neighborhood where I grew up in hopes that it opens the world up to them as well.”

⁃ Reginald O’Neal